Skin care for the body

Get rid of unwanted cellulite and detox your body.

Skin care for the body

Get rid of unwanted cellulite and detox your body.

Whole Body Skin Care

Skin Shaman’s skin care goes beyond the face with services to reduce fat and cellulite, heal stretch marks and detox your body. If you are trying to lose weight these service are a great addition for fast, visible results.

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation

Ultrasound cavitation is a non-surgical method of reducing cellulite and localized fat. 

This procedure involves applying pressure on fat cells through ultrasonic vibrations. The pressure is high enough to make the fat cells break down into a liquid form. The body can then get rid of it as waste through your urine. 

Your age, health and area being treated will determine how many sessions one requires to achieve desired results.


Consultation Required $120-$250 (area and size dependant)

Microcurrent Body Detox

This treatment begins with a superficial stimulation of “problem areas” on the body and is gradually intensified to cause muscle contraction. To conclude, the lymphatic channels of the body are rhythmically stimulated with a body brush to enhance immune function, reduce water retention, and assist in any weight loss regime.

consultation required

Herbal Grains Body Polish

Therapeutic neck-to-toes body exfoliation with dual-action, physical and chemical exfoliation using ancient herbal grains that first sweep away dulling cells, then melt into skin, releasing natural AHAs. Helps increase circulation and stimulate lymphatic system.

60 minutes……………..$135

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