Tamara Fitzner

Master Esthetician serving Charleston South Carolina

Master Esthetician

With over two decades of experience in the skincare industry, Tamara Fitzner is a passionate advocate for holistic wellness and skin health. Her journey began when she faced the challenges of cystic acne in her early twenties, driven by a hormonal imbalance that caused intense bouts of anxiety. Frustrated with the temporary relief offered by conventional medical treatments, Tamara embarked on a profound exploration of nutrition, herbology, and mind-body disciplines like yoga and tai chi in her pursuit of lasting solutions.

In 2003, Tamara completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training and earned a 300-hour Ayurvedic consultant certification at the Elixir Quigong Center in Pineville, NC. Her holistic journey continued at the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco, California, where she immersed herself in a two-week intensive sound healing certification. Here, she delved deep into the various vibrational modalities, including sound, light, and movement, all aimed at achieving a resonant state between the mind and body. Tamara’s commitment to holistic wellness most recently led her to the Hippocrates Institute in Palm Beach, Florida, where she completed the health mentor program. This comprehensive education expanded her existing nutritional knowledge, incorporating the use of high-frequency raw and living foods as a catalyst for detoxification and physiological reset, promoting harmony at both the individual and external radiance levels, in line with the Hermetic philosophical perspective: ‘as within, so without.'”

Throughout her career evolution, Tamara has explored the internal and extrinsic factors, going beyond genetics, that contribute to premature aging. She stays at the forefront of anti-aging therapies, continually evolving her expertise in this ever-changing field. She holds advanced training in Neurotris™ microcurrent techniques, Elaine Brennan peel protocols and Louise Walsh plasma fibroblast. 

Tamara offers complimentary consultations to individuals seeking solutions for various skin conditions, including fat loss, premature aging, sun damage, rosacea, acne, scarring, and overall vibrancy. She firmly believes that almost any beauty concern can be addressed by making intentional lifestyle changes coupled with a potent home and professional skincare regimen. Her genuine pleasure lies in helping her clients align with the most beautiful version of themselves!

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