What to expect after your treatment

Learn about skin peels and what to expect after your treatment.

What to expect after your treatment

Learn about skin peels and what to expect after your treatment.

About Your Peel

Chirally Correct CosMedix Peels are designed to stimulate changes in the skin without causing irritation and are appropriate for all skin types. Correct Peels allow for natural skin repair and restoration by using active, non-artificial ingredients that address the cause rather than the symptom.
CosMedix differ in their approach to traditional chemical peels which seek to create change by destroying healthy tissue, forcing the body to heal itself. By contrast, CosMedix Peels are non-traumatic and stimulate a healthy change in the skin to create a renewed, beautiful complexion.
Using natural, chirally correct ingredients- ingredients filtered to contain only the purest, skin-safe molecules- CosMedix treatments and Peels encourage gentle, effective renewal. With CosMedix Peels, there really is no traditional peeling, but a mild sloughing of the skin. This process, known as metabolic peeling, achieves dramatic results without the irritation and recovery time of a traditional chemical peel.
With all peels, a pre and post care product regime will ensure the greatest benefits to your skin

CosMedix Peels & the Chirally Correct Philosophy

The Chirally correct philosophy is best explained by comparing your skin to your right hand and a left glove.
If you put your right hand into a glove made for your left hand, it will not fit. This is because your hands are mirror images of each other, so you need to have a right hand glove to fit your right hand and vice-versa.
This comparison can also be made in nature, as each of nature’s building blocks is like your hands in that they are made up of mirror image molecules with different properties. Some of these properties are harmful and ineffective, some beneficial to the human body.
CosMedix products use a high concentration of active ingredients that are able to communicate with your skin, working with its natural ability to repair itself.
The entire foundation and success of CosMedix is attributed to their chirally correct formulations and their ability to present potent ingredients with great efficacy without adverse skin reactions.

What to expect after your treatment

Day 1

Your skin may be slightly pink due to metabolic stimulation from all of the active ingredients in your peel. Refrain from cleansing or getting treated area wet for at least five hours post-treatment to ensure maximum absorption of the peel solution. Ideally, you should plan to go home and leave it on overnight, so run errands prior to your appointment!

Days 2-5

On average, most skin will begin to tighten and feel drier. A mild to moderate shedding will most likely begin to occur during this period. You may find it difficult during this phase to wear makeup, as the pigment in the makeup will tend to make the “flakiness” of your skin more apparent. It is very important to wear a pure mineral sunscreen, like DNA Ultimate Sol Protection SPF 28, during this period and re-apply generously midday. DNA Hydroblend spray and Zen Therapy are crucial to relieve any tightness or itchiness during this phase. In addition, you can spot treat with the organic glycerin in the tiny tubes that I provided for you. Keep in mind that the less moisture (from the glycerin) that you use, the faster you will pass through the shedding process. You may also find that Creme de Nectar is the most soothing cleanser to use during this period, however, any DNA cleanser will be fine.

Days 6-14

The skin will continue to renew itself in an expedited manner in the form of micro-shedding, which is visibly undetectable, though you may find that your makeup needs to be reapplied midday, as the skin continues to shed itself and take your makeup with it!

Days 14-21

Enjoy your new complexion and schedule your follow up consultation to discuss your next treatment based on your current results and skin goals! This can be done in my office or over the phone if you provide an after photo via text or email via the contact form.
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