Beautiful Skin Protocol

Repair skin damage and promote healthy skin and a healthier you!

Beautiful Skin Protocol

Repair skin damage and promote healthy skin and a healthieer you!

An organically grown, low carbohydrate and a high saturated fat diet comprised of the following is essential to healthy skin and maintaining the positive effects of your skincare treatments.

High quality protein


Fresh fruits and vegetables. Ideally, 2/3 of your plate should be low glycemic vegetables such as leafy greens or those of the cruciferous variety.

Saturated Fats

This diet keeps blood sugar low, which preserves collagen. MCT oil, avocados, grass-fed butter or ghee, organic eggs, olives, olive oil, coconut oil, raw nuts, unheated nut oils, grass feed meats and low mercury fish are all ideal sources.

Superfood Boosters

Cacao, chia seeds, maca, flax powder, acai, camu camu, blue-green algae, and much more. Added to berry smoothies is a tasty way to maximize your nutrient intake. Drinking half your bosy weight of purified water adds an extra boost to detoxification.


In addition to a balanced diet, it is recommended to supplement with additional, key nutrients due to soil depletion. As always, it is best to consult with a functional nutritionist and test to determine your individual needs, so this is just a general guideline.

Hormonal Balance

I recommend using a functional physician or nurse practitioner for assessing hormone levels, as this plays a key role in skin quality and the rate at which it ages. Be sure to ask your doctor for a copy of your results and use the following document published by Dr. Sara Gottfried MD to assess how close your levels are to optimal range. Please note that most physicians do not strive for ideal levels, but use the entire reference range (age 0-90) as a comparison.

Seasonal Detoxification

There are many resources to find the cleanse type and duration that is right for you.  I am more than happy to make recommendations if you would like guidance.
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